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Helpie FAQ

  • When and where is it available to be purchased?

    The Arculus Key card will be available by Q3 2021 at

  • Are there any fees associated with any transactions in the Arculus App?

    Arculus does not charge fees to send or receive currency. Fees for cryptocurrency transactions are clearly displayed when swapping crypto to crypto and fiat currency to crypto. We work with our partners to scour the ecosystem to bring you the lowest fees possible.

  • Can I retrieve my cryptocurrency if I lose my Arculus card?

    Absolutely. During initial wallet setup a series of recovery passphrases is generated. This series of words allows you to recover your wallets if you lose your card. This list of passphrases should be secured separately from your wallet and should never exist in digital form.  To continue to benefit from Arculus card 3 factor secure transactions, you would need to get a new Arculus card.

  • How many different currency accounts can the card hold?

    Arculus can hold and manage multiple wallets of the same or different cryptocurrencies in one location. Given the 512 KB NVM chip memory, it can hold a high number of various crypto wallets.

  • What types of transactions can I make in the app?

    You can purchase cryptocurrency with fiat currency ($USD) or exchange one cryptocurrency for another.

  • How is Arculus different than other cold storage wallets?

    Arculus is the easiest to use cold storage wallet on the market. Its feature-rich phone app (Android or iOS) allows users to send, receive, and exchange cryptocurrency. Users can then simply tap to transact, securely signing their transactions with their Arculus key storage card.

  • What is the 3-point security technology protecting the data?

    6 Digit PIN, Biometric (Biometric enabled device required), and Arculus Card with EAL 6+ embedded secure element